Agent Experience

Combined, BOND agents speak 22 different languages. BOND University trained and certified agents bring intelligence, market knowledge and mastery of the residential process to each deal. We have the most comprehensive agent training program in the industry.

Customer Resources

BOND has the most rental listings in NYC and over 6,000 exclusives. We have an 8 person listings department working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have a strong relationship with a major lender.

凯发国际网络平台网址home Solutions

BOND has an unrivaled network of service partners created based on customers' needs. We provide special offers and discounts to BOND customers and agents. Our one-on-one 凯发国际网络平台网址home solutions consultations provide tailored deals that best suit an individual's needs.

Innovative Technology

BOND's buyer lead generation system generates thousands of buyers every day. Our Seller leads program generates hundreds of leads every week. We have a database of over 50,000 customers that we stay in contact with.

Web Presence

Our website produces over 1 million hits a month and has one of the highest Klout scores in the industry for Social Media. We have the top real estate blog in NYC and were ranked in the top 10 for best real estate Instagram accounts nationwide.

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